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Joining the JC100

If you have developed a JavaBean, Applet or Servlet, are close to bringing it to market, and you would like work with other enthusiatic Java developers to make your component successful, please consider joining the Java Component 100.

As a Java Component 100 member you can

  • List your company and products at the JC100 website.
  • Participate in JC100 discussions.
  • Exhibit with the JC100 at industry trade shows.
  • Work with other JC100 members from around the world to sell your product.

Be sure to review the JC100 membership benefits.

Java Component 100 members are expected to

  • Adhere to the JC100 development requirements and recommendations.
  • Proudly develop the highest quality software.
  • Enthusiatically promote their products, the JC100, and "open" Java solutions.

If your company meets the high standard set by Java Component 100 members and you would like to become a member, please submit a membership application.

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