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Membership Benefits

Development Requirements
If you're a Java component developer and you adhere to the approved JC100 Development Requirements, you can be confident your components will plug and play with other appropriate JC100 components.
Buyer Assurance
Potential customers will know they can buy your component(s) with the assurance that your component bolts together with other cutting-edge JC100 components and solutions bundles.
Support Central
Through JC100's agreement with the world's largest software support provider, your JC100 customers will have "one-stop-shop" access to world-class centralized technical support for a competitive fee, 24-hours a day, from anywhere in the world on all JC100 products.
Develop contacts with other component Developers, Marketers, Distributors, Press and Analysts to maximize your opportunities in all aspects of the growing component software world.
JC100 Promotionals & Group Rates
Shared JC100 booth space at major events, collaborative JC100 ad placement, joint JC100 press conferences and press releases are just a few of the ways JC100 members are currently working together to capture valuable mindshare in a very competitive global marketplace.
JC100 Home Page
Become connected to your peers and customers through the JC100 Home Page. (electronic distribution via the JC100 Home Page is under review by the JC100 Distribution Committee . . . stay tuned for more information on this area of important interest).
Annual Seminar
Plans are formulating for an annual JC100 SUMMIT where component developers, customers and press contacts will join together in an "off-site retreat" to lay the ground work for the emerging "Java Component World."

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